is a management tool

that let’s you monitor your business in real time, and at every level.

is about fast and easy communication between all parties involved in a contract. Document-backed, it drives all your business activities, from processing to operations.

How does it work?

  • timeline_1

    Step 1

    Open a web session, and assign a task to an employee or supplier.

  • timeline_2

    Step 2

    Your employee or supplier opens a session and validates the just completed in-field work.

  • timeline_3

    Step 3

    You receive a confirmation in real time that your task has been completed, to your client’s satisfaction.


takes your business to the next level.

You supervise the task. Your employee accounts for the work. Your client approves. Everyone involved is better served.

Your human capital stands to gain makes teams 100% responsible, and provides validation for work well done.

allows users to monitor multiple completion phases remotely ‒ from employee task assignment and bill payment to in-field operations monitoring in real time

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